Royal Canadian Mint  |  Concept art and storyboard

Game preview

Aimed at children, this beautiful 72,000 px wide site allows users to find and seek collectibles to unlock lost coins and restore the “Heart of the Arctic”.


Mackenzie Island

Innuit Camp

Baillie Island


Early Intro storyboard

Outro Styleframes / Storyboards (Polar Bear illustration by Kim Leow)

Concept Giant




Client: Royal Canadian Mint
Agency: Cossette
Design + Animation: Tendril
Creative DirectorAlexandre Torres
Executive ProducerKate Bate
ProducersSue Riedl, Anne Deslauriers
Production CoordinatorLeah Wesolowski

Concept Art and DesignLuis Campos, Vini Nascimento, Kim Leow, Justin Harder, Guilherme Pereira
Storyboard: Guilherme Pereira, Luis Campos
2D AnimationMax Piersig, Nick Fairhead and Daniel Lefebre
3D AnimationDaniel Lefebre
CompositingDaniel Lefebre, Max Piersig and Nick Fairhead.

Digital Experience: Jam3
Creative Director: Pablo Vio
Executive ProducerMichael Dobell
Producer: Media Ridha
Production Coordinator: Greg Benedetto
Designer: Roger Dario
Junior DesignerWon Choi
Lead DeveloperMikko Haapoja
DevelopersMatt Delauriers, Amal Khandelwal