US Cellular |  animation, design

Montage from the scenes I animated.


This shot was first planned and animated in 2D. After that, every frame was modeled and animated in 3D as if it was cell animated.

Early version of the same shot.


Early development





Client: US Cellular
Agency: Publicis & Hal Riney
Agency CD/AD: Rich North
Agency CD/CW: Paul Mimiaga
Agency Executive Producer: Debbie Chin
Production Company: Blacklist
Executive Producer: Andrew Linsk
Producer: Alexander Unick
Live Action Production Company: Park Pictures
Live Action Director: Chris Wilcha
Executive Producer: Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Dinah Rodriquez
Producer: Nina Shiffman

Animation Director: Tendril
Creative Directors: Chris Bahry, Daniel Pommella, Alexandre Torres
Executive Producer: Kate Bate
Producer: Anne Deslauriers
Art Director: Daniel Pommella
Designers: Vitor Cervi, Luis Campos, Joao Lavieri, Vini Nascimento, Daniel Pommella, Luciano Pommella, Andrew Vucko 
Lighting & Rendering: Brad Husband
Modeling: Luis Campos, Ben Pilgrim, Luciano Pommella, Marcin Porebski, Andrew Vucko, Natan Zuanaci

3D Animation: Luis Campos, Kim Leow, Vini Nascimento, Ben Pilgrim, Marcin Porebski, Kevin Vriesinga
2D Animation: Daniel Luna, Leo Mateus
Compositors: Chris Bahry, Brad Husband
Editors: Justin Trovato, Luc Giddens of Cosmo Street
Cosmo Street Executive
Producer: Jerry Sukys
Finishing: Mark Leiss of Arsenal FX
Arsenal FX Producer: Sabira Khan
Music: Josh Peck of Sons of Radio